Terms & Conditions

abKey Pte Ltd

The Application & Agreement, Policies & Procedures and Reward Plan are specifically incorporated herein by reference. They, along with these Terms & Conditions, form the Agreement between: abKey Pte Ltd ("Company") and the Independent Sales Referral Representative (“Referrer”). They shall be effective upon Referrer’s agreement and acceptance by clicking on the appropriate button below OR upon acceptance of a signed copy by the Company, at its principal office: abKey Pte Ltd., 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, Suite #18-17, Singapore, S(079903), Republic of Singapore.

Referrer AGREES:
1. Referrer is of legal age in the state/province or country in which he/she resides.
2. Any Referrer who sponsors another (“Referee”) or receives a Reward on the product sales of a Referee in his/her down line, need only pay an initial registration fee of USD50, buy one product at its offer/discounted price, and be current in his/her monthly subscription payment of USD3 – for use and maintenance of his/her BuyTell website and back office.  He/she should be helpful and supportive to his/her Referee network, in terms of sharing of information, tips and experiences, but is not expected to perform any supervisory, training, inventory, distributing, or delivery function.  Under no circumstance, except with the express request and consent of their Referees, should a Referrer directly contact, coerce, or harass other members of the BuyTell network.  Company will deliver products directly to Referees. Should he/she make a sale to customer/s, the Company will also send the products directly to the customer/s unless REFERRER requests otherwise. 
3. Referrer understands that the BuyTell system is designed to reward him/her for how well he/she uses the products and share them by word-of-mouth through social media to customers or members of his/her network. 
4. Applicant is, upon acceptance, an " Independent Sales Referral Representative", called Referrer, building a network of such for his/her own account and not as an agent, employee, or franchisee for the Company.  As such, Referrers are responsible for their tax obligations in their own country if applicable.  All Referrers should find out from experts, for themselves, whether the money they make through BuyTell is big enough to be subject to tax in their country, as practices vary.   Company encourages every Referrer to abide by the tax regime in their country and its accounting system is designed to enable Referrers to easily retrieve their annual earnings data for tax reporting purposes if needed. Referrer needs to inform Company if their country requires Company to prepare their yearly earnings information, where appicable, for their tax reporting purposes. US citizens for example must provide his/her Social Security or Federal Tax ID Number for tax reporting purposes on any monies earned. The Referrer further understands that s/he will not be treated as an employee in regard to any laws covering employees.  Referrer shall also be responsible for obtaining any licenses if so required by law in whatever State, County or Country in which they reside, and pay all applicable fees and taxes.
5. Referrer agrees to accept sole responsibility for all self-employment and all legal country/federal and state and local income and sales taxes and any sales/levy on products imported, or any other taxes on monies earned as a Referrer.  The Company will provide Referrer, when requested, with appropriate tax earnings report forms at the close of the calendar year for the amount of rewards, commissions and bonuses (if applicable) that are earned in their country of residence under this agreement.
6. Referrer agrees that the Company is not liable for his/her city, county, state, local and country/federal income taxes, sales taxes or other fees pertaining to his/her sales and rewards, and Referrer will hold the company harmless from all of same.
7. Referrer SHALL NOT promote or sell other companies’ sales programs, products at Company functions, or on websites where Company is mentioned, or use the Company forms or printed materials or its name and prestige, or drawing power, in conjunction with or in support of any other activities.
8. Referrer shall not sponsor or attempt to sponsor another Company Referrer into another company (be it a Reward Network and/or Direct Sales and/or Network Marketing company) except for her/his personally sponsored Referees.  In addition, no Referrer shall participate in any action that causes a Referrer to be sponsored through someone else into another company.
9. Referrer will make no claims as to income potential either written or oral except those prepared by the company for illustration purposes only.
10. Referrer will not make any claims of any kind pertaining to benefits of the company’s products and services except those given in official company promotional media.  When presenting the Company program to others, Referrer shall present the program in its entirety, without omission, distortion or misrepresentation.
11. Referrer shall not represent or imply, directly or indirectly, that the company has been approved or endorsed by any governmental agency.  Most Federal and State regulatory agencies do not approve or endorse any marketing company product or programs.
12. Referrer will indemnify and hold Company harmless from any and all claims, expenses, costs, causes of action and damages resulting from or growing out of Referrer statements or actions in violation of this agreement. 
13. Should Referrer be terminated for cause, Referrer's downline of referrees and customers may be transferred to his/her first active upline Referrer at Company's sole discretion.
14. Referrer understands that her/his reward is based on their referrals of a specific product that they have purchased and referred to customers or Referrers in their downline of the same product.  As long as Referrer’s membership is active,  he/she will continue to receive reward, for an unlimited period.  Though future circumstances may warrant a change to a finite period, which the Company reserves a right to do so, this reward period will not be less than 1 year: 
6 months from date of purchase of a product, for purchases of the same product by his/her direct Referees, and another 6 months (from the said date of Referrer's purchase) for purchases made by the next level, i.e. by the immediate downline of these Referees. 
If a product comes to its end-of-line (i.e. no longer produced)  at BuyTell, for whatever reasons, Referrers related to the said product will be assigned another product of his/her choice for a period not exceeding 6 months from the date of his/her purchase/assignment of the first said product. Referrer need not pay for the assignment. If Referrer wishes to purchase the replacement product, then the assignment period changes to 6 months, from the date of purchase of the replacement product.  
There is no limit to the number of products each Referrer can Buy and Tell at any time.           
15. Products under warranty, according to the terms specific to each product, may be returned for a refund if postmarked within 7 (seven) days of delivery date.  Membership fees may also be refunded in full within 7 (seven) days. Thereafter, the product may only be returned for repair or exchange within the period of warranty specified for each product, and membership fees/subscriptions will not be refundable. All freight charges incurred will be borne by Referrer.  Upon termination of their membership, Referrer may continue to keep their product/s, and enjoy the terms of their product warranty as specified.
16. The terminated Referrer will be eligible to reapply after six (6) months, and may stay with the current sponsor or choose a new one. A terminated Referrer that re-enters the program may not sponsor any of her/his original downline organization, as these would have been re-assigned to new sponsors upon the termination. 
17. Referrer understands that company does not permit changing of sponsors.  BuyTell is in the business of creating relationships.  Once a Referrer is sponsored, the Company believes in maximum protection of that relationship.
18. If required, Referrer will supply BuyTell with his/her signature for Company files and understands that this signature is the signature of record for all official correspondence and transactions, debit card, ACH, and any future credit card transactions. 
19. Referrer understands that he/she will receive reward payments on a monthly basis, except when the balance amount is below USD9, in which case he/she will be paid in the following month, or whenever, together with additional rewards earned, the balance amount exceeds USD9. In any case, in order not to incur a proportionately high financial transaction fee – which is payable by Referrer -   Company will postpone payment unless the amount to be transacted exceeds USD29 or if the Referrer prefers otherwise.   If at his/her termination as a member, for whatever reason, any balance in the Referrer’s account will be remitted, after all arrears and amount owing the Company are deducted.  
20. Referrer understands that Company will provide Referrer, upon registration as a member of the BuyTell network: a replicated Website, with accounting back office, and instructions/templates, to assist him/her in spreading and building their referral network.
21. Referrer’s role is to buy, sample and use products offered by the Company and refer them to their friends/contacts.  Referrer should not resort to spamming, coercing, or stalking to recruit members to their network. Referrer understands that he/she is not responsible for collecting payments, payment from OR of rewards to their Referees, keeping inventory, or delivering products to customers.  Referrer therefore waives the right of cancellation or refund on any order placed on his/her credit card account(s) except directly through the Company.  Any order returns, refunds or exchanges shall be done directly with the Company and its properly appointed representatives, and not through any Referrer, bank, or credit card company.
22. In the event that any check (monies) by any method from the Referrer is returned unpaid, Referrer authorizes abKey Pte Ltd to debit his/her account for the face amount plus up to a 10% failed payment processing fee.  If said amount remains unpaid, Referrer understands that he/she could lose his/her current status and that until the account is brought current he/she could forfeit certain rights and privileges, including rewards/commissions/and membership.
23. Company requires that all Referrers obey the letter and the spirit of the law in their countries. Referrers are responsible for knowing the laws and regulations in their respective countries. Referrers should comply with the exemption requirements set forth in any country/states laws regulating business/income opportunities.
24. Referrer confirms that he/she has not violated any non-competition, non-solicitation, or confidentiality agreement entered into with any other organization or entity, and by becoming a Referrer for BuyTell will not be violating any agreement or contract, including non-competition, non-solicitation entered into with any other organization.